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5 kg Crystal Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Resinpal 1717

Resinpal 1717 is a UV-stabilized, crystal-clear casting resin based on epoxy resin. The synthetic resin can be poured up to 5 centimeters or 7 kg per casting process at once.

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The crystal clear epoxy resin Resinpal 1717 is a solvent-free and low-shrink casting resin. The UV-resistant synthetic resin is suitable for embedding objects, producing crystal-clear castings and pouring wood and much more.

The maximum recommended pouring amount is 7 kg. The maximum recommended pouring height is 5 cm. For larger casting quantities and higher casting heights, we recommend the casting resin Resinpal 1717-N3.

The bubble-free resin Resinpal 1717 based on epoxy resin is also characterized by very little odor.

Another great advantage of Resinpal 1717 casting resin has very low tendency to shrink.

The very long open time and the slow continuous curing over 48 hours ensure very good ventilation and low exothermicity even with larger cast objects.

The crystal-clear epoxy casting resin Resinpal 1717 must be mixed by weight (100 parts resin to 45 parts hardener).

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How much Resinpal 1717 can I cast at once? The epoxy casting resin Resinpal 1717 can be cast up to a casting height of approx. 5 cm. We recommend not to pour more than 7 kg per application. For larger casting quantities we recommend the Resinpal 1717-N3.

How strong is the odor of Resinpal 1717 during processing? The low-odour processing with epoxy resins is a great advantage over polyester resins.

Can I color Resinpal 1717 with acrylic colors? Since Resinpal 1717 is an epoxy resin, we only recommend adding epoxy colors and translucent colors.

The casting resin has turned white, tough or solid in the bottle. What can I do? Epoxy resins can crystallize above a certain temperature. This can happen, for example, if the goods are stored too cold during shipping. This process can be reversed by adding heat (approx. 50 °C), for example by placing the container (open the lid first) in a water bath or saucepan.

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Positiv überrascht - funktioniert super
5 from 5

War bei der Bestellung etwas misstrauisch aber muss schon sagen: Das Harz hält was es verspricht. Jederzeit wieder gerne. Lieben Gruß Martina

Sven R.., 24.03.2021
Wirklich glasklares Epoxidharz
5 from 5

Ich hatte nach einigen negativen Erfahrungen mit Produkten der Konkurrenz die Angst, dass auch Resinpal 1717 nicht wirklich glasklar ist, sondern gelblich aushärtet. Das Harz wurde mir von einen Vereinskollegen empfohlen. Es kann wirklich das, was es behauptet es ist glasklar und sehr schön zu verarbeiten. Ich habe es für den Bau von einer Modelleisenbahn (kleiner See) eingesetzt. Übrigens, tolle technische Beratung von Fiberglas Discount.

Bernhard K., 21.04.2021
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