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Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Resinpal 1717-Blue

Resinpal 1717-Blue is a UV-stabilized and crystal-clear casting resin based on epoxy resin, which is mainly used for larger casting quantities of up to 5 kg and higher layers of up to 10 cm per casting process.

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The epoxy resin Resinpal 1717-Blue is a high-quality epoxy resin for various applications. It not only impresses with its transparent and crystal-clear property, but also offers a multitude of other advantages. In this article we would like to introduce you to the impressive characteristics and positive effects of the Resinpal 1717-Blue.

One of the most important aspects of this epoxy resin is that it is BPA-free. Unlike many conventional epoxy resins, Resinpal 1717-Blue does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

The very low viscosity of Resinpal 1717-Blue is another plus. This property makes pouring easier and ensures even distribution of the resin. Even the finest details are reproduced perfectly because the resin is almost free of air bubbles. This creates a smooth and professional surface that meets the highest demands.

Another notable benefit of Resinpal 1717-Blue is its excellent UV stability. Through the use of antioxidants and light stabilizers, the resin is optimally protected against harmful UV rays. As a result, it retains its transparent and crystal-clear quality over a long period of time without yellowing or losing clarity. This is particularly important for outdoor applications or in rooms with direct sunlight.

In addition to its excellent properties, Resinpal 1717-Blue is also environmentally friendly. It contains no solvent, which not only makes it safer to use, but also contributes to better air quality. The resin is VOC and phthalate free, meaning it contains no volatile organic compounds or harmful plasticizers. This makes Resinpal 1717-Blue an eco-friendly choice that benefits both the user and the environment.

In addition, Resinpal 1717-Blue is characterized by its contribution to climate protection. Compared to Resinpal 1717-N3, the resin enables CO2 savings of over 840 kg per ton. This is achieved through the use of ingredients based on renewable raw materials. With Resinpal 1717-Blue you can not only achieve high-quality results, but also make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Resinpal 1717-Blue is particularly suitable for the production of crystal-clear castings and components such as river tables and crystal-clear components in the artistic and decorative fields. Resinpal can be cast up to a layer thickness of up to 10 cm and a maximum weight of 5 kg. The curing time is 72 hours.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How much Resinpal 1717-Blue Casting Resin can I cast in one application? The epoxy casting resin Resinpal 1717-Blue can be poured up to a height of approx. 10 cm. However, we recommend not to pour more than 5 kg per application.

Is Resinpal 1717-Blue suitable for stabilizing wood? Yes. Resinpal 1717-Blue has a very long pot life and very low exotherm. The resin penetrates very deeply into the wood thanks to a vacuum and remains sufficiently flexible when turning.

How strong is the odor of Resinpal 1717-Blue during processing? The casting resin Resinpal 1717-Blue based on epoxy resin has very little odor.

Can I color Resinpal 1717-Blue with acrylic paints? Since Resinpal 1717-N3 is an epoxy resin, we only recommend adding epoxy colors and translucent colors.

The casting resin has turned white, tough or solid in the bottle. What can I do? Epoxy resins can crystallize above a certain temperature. This can happen if the product is stored too cold or during shipping. This process can be reversed by adding heat (approx. 50 °C), for example by placing the container (open the lid beforehand) in a water bath or saucepan.


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