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10 kg Polyester Resin Resinpal 1715 + 200 g Hardener

10 kg tacky free curing, styrene-free polyester resin with a wide range of uses. Resinpal 1715 is especially suitable for model making and parts production.

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Resinpal 1715 styrene-free polyester resin, including MEKP hardener, can be used in conjunction with glass fiber mats, automotive, boat building, model making, swimming pools and ponds, as well as all types of moldings and components.

The universally applicable, styrene-free ready-to-use polyester resin in small 1kg containers is excellently suited for use in modeling, for impressions or for small and large components in multi-layer processes. Inexpensive bulk containers such as Resinpal 1715 Polyester Resin 50 kg can be used, for example, for the production of laminates in a wet-on-wet process, for renovation of roofs or for sealing and making showers or bathtubs.

The peroxide addition can be controlled by indicator system. The Resinpal 1715 polyester resin cures without using any adhesives and can easily be dyed with polyester color pastes.

Resinpal 1715 styrene-free polyester resin can be perfectly processed with polyester gelcoat and polyester topcoat.

Our polyester laminating resins are easy to handle and easy to process. Ensure good mixing and hardener addition to a room and material temperature of at least 18 degrees. The hardness ratio for the Resinpal 1715 polyester resin should be in the range of 2 to a maximum of 3 percent. The processing time with the standard hardener is about 25 to 30 minutes. Resinpal polyester resins are suitable for use in industry and for a variety of hobby applications.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What application can Resinpal 1715 polyester resin be used for? Resinpal 1715 can be used, for example, for the production of glass fiber reinforced molds and components, for repair work in boat building or the automotive sector, for the production of laminates in the wet-on-wet process, or also in model and pond construction .

How many kilograms of Resinpal 1715 do I need for 1 square meter of glass fiber mat? To laminate one square meter of 300 g/m² glass fiber mat, approx. 0.8-1.0 kg of Resinpal 1715 polyester resin is required. Approx. 1.0-1.2 kg of Resinpal 1715 polyester resin are required for the glass fiber mat with a basis weight of 450 g/m².

Does Resinpal 1715 cure tack-free? Yes, the polyester resin Resinpal 1715 cures without tack. Before building up another layer, the laminate should be sanded.

What is the processing time of Resinpal 1715? With the addition of approx. 1.5% MEKP hardener, the processing time is approx. 25 to 30 minutes.

What does styrene-reduced polyester resin mean? By reducing the styrene content in the Polyester resin Resinpal 1715 below a certain value, it is possible to send Polyester resin to private customers by mail. The processing and technical properties largely correspond to our non-styrene-reduced polyester resins.

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Very good polyester resin
5 from 5

Thanks for the fast delivery. Very good polyester resin and I got the feeling that the resin even smells less than other polyester resins.

Shapur B., 01.05.2022
Ich merke keinen Unterschied. Sehr gutes Harz.
5 from 5

Ich habe damit mein Boot repariert. Ich merke keinen Unterschied zum Polyesterharz mit Styrol. Ich kann das Polesetrharz Resinpal 1715 durchweg empfehlen.

Stefan H., 01.10.2017
Sehr gut Polyesterharz
5 from 5

Das Harz funktioniert sehr gut. Habe es zur Reparatur eines Bootes benutzt.

Micha S., 23.03.2021
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