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20 kg Crystal Clear Casting Resin Resinpal 1707 + 400 g Hardener

Resinpal 1707 is a crystal clear and pre-accelerated casting resin based on polyester resin. This resin can be poured up to 10 centimeters or 5 kg per casting process at once.

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The crystal-clear casting resin Resinpal 1707 based on polyester resin is ideally suited as a casting resin, for the production of transparent castings, for embedding and preserving objects such as photos, models, electrical components or plants as well as for the production of creative works of art such as murals or jewelry. The resin Resinpal 1707 is also used for the production of clear rod materials and for the production of insulation material.

With the highly transparent and low-shrinkage Resinpal 1707 casting resin, you can produce water-clear castings without discoloration in a single or multi-layer casting process. The low-viscosity resin hardens quickly, is weather-resistant and insensitive to cracks. The main advantages of polyester-based casting resin include the low price and UV resistance. Crystal clear Resinpal 1707 casting resin can also be used in combination with colouring pigments and polyester colour pastes.

When processing Resinpal 1707 casting resin, a hardener amount of 1.0 to a maximum of 1.5 percent (parts by weight) is optimal. How much hardener you use depends in particular on the layer density and the temperature. The higher the temperatures, the faster the hardening takes place. A sufficient amount of hardener is of course included and is included in the price. Resinpal 1707 crystal clear resin should be used at temperatures of ca. 18 °C. Always observe the information on the maximum pouring height in order to avoid an excessive exothermic reaction and the resulting yellowing. With the multi-layer casting process, you get crack-free results if the casting resin of the previous layer is gelled before you pour on the new layer.



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