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20 kg Tooling Silicone AV 8130-R

Tooling silicone with Shore-A 30 and with different colors of rubber and curing agent.

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Room temperature curing molding silicone Sidpoal 8130-R is a medium-hard mold construction silicone with a Shore 30 A hardness, which you can use in mold construction, for body impressions such as figures or replicas and for the production of molds for chocolate or marzipan in the food sector. The high-quality 2-component RTV silicone is suitable for a wide range of applications in the hobby area, for craft and industry. The silicone rubber Sidopal 8130-R in various container sizes from 1 kg to 20 kg can be easily processed with wood, metals, plaster or ceramics and has excellent reproduction accuracy.

The mold making silicone Sidopal 8130-R is the ideal material for the production of durable and flexible molds. You can also perfectly reproduce complex objects with undercuts or depict them in great detail. Sidopal impression silicone 8130-R is characterized by high tear and tear resistance, has very good mechanical properties, is fast curing and can be thixotropic if required. Sidopal silicone rubber is supplied with a rust-brown crosslinker, which guarantees easy control of the homogeneous mixture of component A (rubber) and component B (catalyst).

You get Sidopal 8130-R impression silicone in high-quality plastic jars, which guarantee clean removal and precise dosing. Mix silicone rubber and crosslinker in a mixing ratio of 1: 1 by weight at a processing temperature of at least 20 degrees. If you pour the modeling clay into the molds using a stick, you prevent air bubbles from forming. The processing time is about 75 minutes. After 24 hours, the silicone mold is hardened and ready for further processing.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

For which applications can I use the mold making silicone Sidopal AV-8130-R? Silicone Sidopal AV-8130-R is used, for example, for mold making, for the duplication of body molds such as figures or replicas, for the production of silicone molds for candles and soap.

What materials can I embed in Sidopal AV-8130-R silicone? Objects made of wood, plaster, concrete, ceramics, plastic, silicone, resin, acrylic and wax. Of course, these are just a few examples. The imagination knows no limits.

What do I have to consider when using Sidopal AV-8130-R? Mix the rubber (component A) and the crosslinker (component B) in a mixing ratio of 1:1 (by weight) with an ambient temperature of at least 20 degrees. The mixing of the two components is easy to check due to the different color of the two components. The processing time is approx. 75 minutes.

Will cured or cured silicone bond to a newly cast layer? Yes. Sidopal AV-8130-R bonds to the newly cast layer of silicone as long as it has not been separated with a release agent such as release wax, release varnish or release spray.

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Sehr zufrieden
5 from 5

Tolles Produkt!
Habe davor noch nie mit Silikon gearbeitet und es hat gleich beim ersten mal geklappt!
Blasenbildung gab es keine und geruchsneutral ist es auch.

Giuliana K., 02.02.2015
5 from 5

Sehr einfach in der Handhabung.Ergebnis ist sehr flexibel und reissfest. Sehr gut.

Paul W., 13.03.2015
Abformsilikon AV 8130-R
5 from 5

Härtet klar und ohne klebrige Oberfläche aus.Perfekt zum dauerhaften beschichten von Holzfußböden.

Oliver S., 09.05.2015
Es hat alles geklappt
5 from 5

Wie versprochen, hier meine Bewertung. Die Entformung hat unkompliziert geklappt. Habe mit der Silikonform schon mehrere Objekte gegossen und die Form sieht immer noch wie am Anfang aus. In Kombination mit dem Trennspray ein echter Bringer! Immer wieder gerne. Euer Nasser

H. Nasser., 03.09.2021
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