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Set for crystal clear coating of canvas

With this set you can easily put together a complete package for crystal-clear coating and sealing of canvases, paintings, pictures and photos.

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The epoxy top coat Resinpal 2405-H, to be applied with a brush, is used for crystal-clear coatings and sealing of canvases, pictures, photos and paintings. The UV-stabilized coating resin gives every object a transparent protective layer with a high gloss.

The object to be painted should be free of grease and clean before applying the Resinpal 2405-H synthetic resin mixture. The odorless and colorless 2-component combination consisting of resin and hardener with a mixing ratio of 100 parts resin to 50 parts hardener (by weight) hardens crystal clear and tack-free within 24 hours.

Resinpal 2405-H gives a high-quality shine and also protects the object from damage from external influences or UV light.

We recommend a minimum processing temperature of 18°C.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How do I apply the topcoat Resinpal 2405-H? In order not to drive air bubbles into the resin during the coating, we recommend applying with a brush and not with a laminating roller.

What are the benefits of Coating Resin 2405-H? Resinpal 2405-H is crystal clear, UV stabilized, cures tack-free and has an easy mix ratio of 100 parts resin to 50 parts hardener (by weight ).

How strong is the odor development during processing? The low-odour processing with epoxy resins is a great advantage.

Can I also color the epoxy top coat? Yes, Resinpal 2405-H can be colored with epoxy color pastes and translucent colors.

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So ein schönes Ergebnis!
5 from 5

Wir haben als Hochzeitsgeschenk eine Collage mit Epoxidharz beschichtet. Das Ehepaar war bei der Geschenkübergabe den Tränen nahe. Wunderschön. Liebe Grüße aus Wien Georg

Georg., 23.06.2021
Das erste Mal Epoxidharz auf Leinwand- Sehr schönes Ergebnis.
5 from 5

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Set. Damit wurden (Epoxidharz) meine Bilder versiegelt. Macht einen schönen Effekt. Danke für die Beratung.

Rita M. ., 20.07.2021
Einfach anzuwendendes, glasklares Epoxidharz.
5 from 5

Das Set enthält Epoxidharz / Epoxidtopcoat und, Farben und Werkzeuge. Das Topcoat ist tatsächlich glasklar und ist sehr gut zum Beschichten geeignet. Danke für die sehr freundliche Beratung.

Horst E., 04.02.2022
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