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Set for making resin art

With this set you can easily put together a complete package for the production of resin pictures. The synthetic resin creates a doming effect (glass dome effect) on the image.

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Create and design your own works of art with Resinpal 1716 doming resin. The high surface tension of the synthetic resin prevents it from running off the edges. The curved and three-dimensional, crystal-clear coating that results from this is called the doming effect or glass-dome effect.

The object to be coated should be free of grease and clean before applying the Resinpal 1716 synthetic resin mixture. The odorless and colorless 2-component combination consisting of resin and hardener with a mixing ratio of 100 parts resin to 43 parts hardener hardens crystal clear and tack-free within 5 hours and can also be colored with epoxy color pastes if desired.

Resinpal 1716 doming resin gives a high-quality, three-dimensional shine and also protects the object from damage from external influences or UV light.

We recommend a minimum processing temperature of 18°C.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What does doming mean? Doming is a flat and transparent surface coating that gives the coated object a crystal-clear look and a three-dimensional effect.

What can I coat with Resinpal 1716 doming resin? Whether stickers, photos, pictures, enamel signs, jewelry or medals. With Resinpal 1716 there are no limits to your imagination.

What do I have to consider when processing Resinpal 1716? In order to achieve a perfect result, the object to be coated should be on an absolutely flat surface, otherwise the resin will bulge irregularly. p>

How strong is the odor development during processing? The low-odour processing with epoxy resins is a great advantage.

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Da ich mit Resin Art meine Lebensunterhalt verdiene, bin ich auf Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit angewiesen. Dieses Epoxidharz erfüllt beides. Vielen Dank Olga

Olga F.., 05.07.2021
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