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Crystal Clear Doming Resin Resinpal 1716

Resinpal 1716 is a crystal clear doming resin based on epoxy resin, which is used for coating pictures, photos, stickers with a 3D-effect.

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Epoxy resin Resinpal 1716 is a doming resin specially developed for three-dimensional and crystal-clear coatings.

Doming is a flat and transparent surface coating that gives the coated object a crystal-clear look and a three-dimensional effect.

The synthetic resin retains the necessary surface tension during the coating, which prevents the resin from flowing off the edges. This creates the desired glass dome effect, also known as the doming effect. The result is a flat, plane and glass-like surface.

The 2-component resin with a mixing ratio of 100: 43 (by weight) hardens within 5 hours without sticking and gives canvases, jewelry, signs, medals and much more a high-quality and UV-stable finish.

In order to achieve a perfect result, the object to be coated should lie on an absolutely flat surface, otherwise the resin will bulge irregularly.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What do I have to consider when processing Resinpal 1716? Processing should take place at room temperature (+20 to +25 °C). Accurately weigh the product components, observing the mixing ratio. Prepare a homogeneous mixture by stirring manually. Any air bubbles that appear on the surface can be dissolved with a heat gun or a lighter, for example, as long as the product is still liquid.

How long is the curing time for Resinpal 1716? After application, allow the resin to cure at least 7-8 hours at room temperature. This curing time varies depending on the thickness of the application and the ambient temperature.

What precautions do I need to take when processing Resinpal 1716 epoxy resin? We recommend ensuring adequate ventilation and wearing protective gloves during processing.

Epoxy resins can crystallize above a certain temperature. This can happen if the product is stored too cold or during shipping. This process can be reversed by adding heat (approx. 50 °C), for example by placing the container (open the lid first) in a water bath or saucepan.

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Sieht super aus
5 from 5

Liebes Fiberglas-Team, bin wirklich begeistert von diesem Harz. Besten Dank Amelie aus Heilbronn

Amelie B. ., 30.03.2021
Schöner Domingeffekt-Epoxidharz
5 from 5

In den USA ist es ja sehr üblich, Bilder mit einem Doming-Effekt zu versehen. Auf der Suche nach einem solchen Harz in Deutschland bin ich auf das Resinpal 1716 gestoßen. Habe es bestellt und verarbeitet. Ist sehr gut. Glasklar und eben auf der Oberfläche. Wie beschrieben auch extrem geruchsarm. Ich rieche eigentlich gar nichts.

Claudia D.., 26.04.2021
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