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Epoxy Topcoat Resinpal 2405-H

The epoxy topcoat Resinpal 2405-H is used as a crystal clear epoxy coating resin for sealing and coating laminates, canvases, wood and much more as a transparent surface protection.

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The low-odor and solvent-free topcoat Resinpal 2405-H based on epoxy resin with the simple mixing ratio of 100: 50 (by weight) is a crystal clear and UV-stabilized coating resin, which due to its high viscosity can be applied not only on horizontal but also on vertical surfaces. In order reduce air bubbles into the resin during processing, we recommend the use of brushes and not rollers.

The epoxy topcoat is resistant to chemicals and osmosis and is therefore very suitable as a surface protection and water barrier layer for boat repairs. Seal your wooden garden furniture, gazebos or garden fences with this transparent synthetic resin and protect them from wind and weather. In the artistic field, Resinpal 2405-H is used for crystal-clear final coatings on canvases and pictures.

Resinpal 2405-H can be also be used for sealing wood before for example pooring casting resin into the mould, for example for building a river table. This seal prevents the wood from outgassing, which means that unsightly air bubbles can often be seen in the casting body.

Resinpal Epoxy Topcoat 2405-H can be colored with epoxy color pastes in a ratio of 100: 2 - 5% (by weight). You can of course also find these in our online shop under: Colors and fillers.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Why should porous materials such as wood and concrete be sealed with the epoxy topcoat Resinpal 2405-H before casting with casting resin? Open-pored materials such as wood and concrete tend to sag in the casting resin outgassing If this outgassing occurs during curing, the bubbles can no longer rise and remain in the casting. To avoid this, it is helpful to seal the surface beforehand with the epoxy top coat Resinpal 2405-H.

Is Resinpal 2405-H epoxy clear?Yes, Resinpal 2405-H epoxy topcoat is crystal clear.

Do I have to pay attention to anything special during processing? We recommend mixing the top coat Resinpal 2405 only in small amounts of 200-300 g. The reason for this lies in the relatively high reactivity of tocpoate. This partially prevents the draining from the vertical. However, this may have the disadvantage that large batches harden too quickly. Here, the repeated application of smaller amounts of epoxy top coat and epoxy hardener helps during processing.

The Tocpoat Resinpal 2405-H epoxy has turned white and tough to solid, what can I do? Has the epoxy topcoat crystallized? Resinpal 2405-H is a crystal-clear epoxy topcoat based on epoxy resin. Epoxy resins can crystallize at certain temperatures. This process can be reversed by adding heat (approx. 50 °C), for example by placing the container (open the lid beforehand) in a water bath.

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