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Peel Ply

Peel ply with a basis weight of 80 g/m² and plain weave. Is laminated into the laminate as the top layer and peeled off after hardening. A rough, even structure is created. Width: 100 cm.

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When laminating two layers of laminate on or when processing or applying several layers of fabric on a hardened laminate, the respective surfaces must always be clean, free of grease and also roughened. Usually labor-intensive and time-consuming measures such as sandblasting or grinding are necessary to prepare the surfaces for further processing. Not to forget the dusts that arise in this process and which may also harbor health risks.

To circumvent these measures and risks, it is advisable to use a tear-off fabric that protects against dirt and at the same time makes sanding superfluous. After the nylon fabric has been peeled off, a uniformly rough and smear-free surface is created that no longer needs to be roughened by machine or mechanical means. In further work steps, filling or coating can be carried out directly.

The nylon tear-off fabric does not bond with the laminate because it is completely removed before further processing. So that you can see that there really is no fabric left on the laminate, the tear-off fabric is provided with red identification threads. The tracer threads also serve as spacers.

Apply the nylon fabric as the last layer on the still wet laminate. To work cleanly and evenly, it is advisable to use a roller or a brush. After curing, the nylon tear-off fabric can be peeled off easily.

In the fiberglass discount online shop you can get nylon tear-off fabrics in various sizes for the hobby and industrial sector. The nylon fabric with red stitching and plain weave has a surface weight of 80 g / m² and a width of 100 cm. Choose between container sizes from 1 m² to 100 m².

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