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50 kg Epoxy Gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H + 8,5 kg Hardener

The Epoxy Gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H is a whitish colored gelcoat with a brush consistency that hardens to become sticky on the air side. Resinpal 2404-H is placed in negative molds and can be colored with epoxy color pastes.

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Epoxy resin Resinpal 2404-H is a white pre-colored epoxy gelcoat.

The tear-resistant gel coat is ideal for placing in a negative mold. Due to the highly thixotropic setting of the Epoxy Gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H, it can be easily applied to vertical surfaces without it running off.

The Gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H hardens sticky on the air side. This means that reinforcement fibers can also be incorporated in difficult and complex shapes.

The gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H hardens sticky on the air side. This means that reinforcing fibers can also be incorporated into difficult and complex shapes.

Resinpal 2404-H forms a grindable and scratch-resistant protective layer around the component.

Epoxy Gelcoat Resinpal 2404-H is mixed in a ratio of 100:17 (by weight) with the supplied hardener. The mixture must be stirred until homogeneous. Resinpal 2404-H can be mixed with epoxy color pastes. The optimal processing temperature is 18 degrees. The processing time is approx. 20 to 25 minutes.

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Mit dem Gelcoat habe ich das Boot repariert.
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Habe das Gelcoat gekauft, um einen Rammschaden beim Boot zu reparieren. Das hat mit der bestellten Farbe sehr gut funktioniert.

Frisch A.., 06.04.2021
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