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Topcoat - Things to know about topcoat

The synthetic resin that forms the top layer of a fiber composite material is called a top coat.

Topcoat is typically used for gelcoat repairs. It is also becoming increasingly important as a fine layer in the building trade. It is preferably used as a fine layer in pond and swimming pool construction.

In addition, Tocpoat, especially epoxy topcoat based on epoxy resin, can be used for sealing. Examples include sealing canvas and sealing wood with epoxy topcoat based on epoxy resin.

The main task of a top coat in a fiber composite is to refine and seal the surface of the workpiece. Since the top coat is used without reinforcement fabric, the surface of the component is clean and smooth.

Furthermore, top coat can be colored through by adding color pastes. When top coat is applied, a colored layer is created. When adding color paste, the resin base must be taken into account. Only epoxy color paste can be used with epoxy top coat. Only polyester color paste can be used with polyester top coat. Incorrect mixing would lead to non-hardening.

A common type of topcoat is a topcoat based on unsaturated polyester resin. Top coats based on epoxy resin are also becoming increasingly important. Epoxy top coat is preferably used for crystal clear coatings.

In contrast to gelcoat, topcoat is not used as the first layer of a laminate in the negative form, but as a fine coat of paint on a laminate.

The following video shows the application of the top coat Resinpal 1305 with the polyester resin Resinpal 1709 and glass fiber mat.

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