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Structural adhesives - useful information about adhesives and bonding

Construction adhesive and adhesive resin are becoming more and more important in manufacturing technology, but also in the hobby sector. Purely mechanical connections are increasingly being supplemented or replaced by construction adhesives and adhesive resin.

In this area, three types of construction adhesive, among others, have proven to be very important. These include construction adhesives and adhesive resins based on polyester, epoxy or methacrylate.

In addition, with regard to the use of construction adhesive and / or adhesive resin, the question of the mechanical strength of the bond arises. A general statement regarding the mechanical strength of the bond is only possible with major restrictions. The following table is only a general description.

Mechanical properties

Construction glue / adhesive resin

Ferrous metalsNon-ferrous metals Composites ThermoplasticGlass

Foams Elastomers

PUR (hard)
MMA glue++++++++0 0 0 0
Epoxy glue

>+ bis ++

+ bis ++++0 bis ++ bis ++++0 bis +++
Polyesterkleber00+ bis ++000 0+ bis ++

Beschändigkeit der Verklebung

Konstuktionskleber / KlebeharzTemperaturChemisch Wasser Scher-beanspruchungSchäl-

Epoxidkleber0 bis +
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