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PVA Release Agent

PVA release agent (green) should be applied into the mold as the last release layer and can be used very well in combination with release wax (liquid) or the release paste.

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PVA release agent (green) is a film-forming mold release agent, dissolved in ethanol / water on the basis of polyvinyl alcohol. In combination with release wax (liquid), oder release paste, the material achieves an excellent release effect. PVA release agent can be used for separating GRP molded parts made of polyester resin, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin and for processing sealed surfaces such as wood, plaster of paris, rigid foam or melamine resin pressed panels.

The aqueous-alcoholic solution for use with GRP forms, forms a separating film on non-absorbent surfaces (closed-pore), which is comparable to an onion skin. PVA release lacquer is usually used as a second release layer in negative molds, while release wax forms the first layer. If the processing instructions are observed, a foil-like green film is created. You can apply PVA release agent evenly with a spray gun or with a foam, foam brush or sponge. The drying time is about 5 - 10 minutes. After demoulding, pva release agent can easily be removed with warm water.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How is Resinpal PVA release varnish applied? The application is done with a brush or a soft sponge.

For which resin systems is Resinpal PVA release coating suitable? Resinpal PVA release lacquer is used for the production of molded parts made of polyester resin, epoxy resin or polyurethane resin.

How productive is Resinpal PVA release varnish? The consumption of Resinpal PVA release varnish is approx. 100 ml per square meter.

Can Resinpal PVA release lacquer also be combined with another release agent? Yes. The PVA release varnish can also be used in conjunction with our release wax. The separating wax is to be applied as the first separating layer. Then the release coating is applied.

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Ergänzung zur Trennpaste.
4 from 5

Ich habe das PVA-Trennlack als Ergänzung zur Trennpaste gekauft um beschichtetes Holz zu bearbeiten auf denen einen ebene Platte laminiert werden sollte. Der Lack mach genau das was er machen soll. Er trennt. 4 Sterne, weil man aufpassen muss, dass keine Luftblasen beim Auftrag entstehen.

Magda H., 15.07.2015
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